I suggest you do the following:

  1. Read my blog

    Do you like reading about anything and everything ASP.NET? Do you enjoy bad jokes and dry humor? If you answered yes to any of those my blog is for you! I blog about features I am working on, gotchas and pain points that I run into, and general anything .NET related that I find interesting. http://blog.osbornm.com
  2. Take a look at some of my work

    Most of my work revolves around something to do with the web. So it’s only natural that I would post most of it on the web right? I have code/projects on both CodePlex.com and BitBucket.org. Additionally I enjoy being active in the community by asking and answering questions on StackOverflow.com. Follow the links below to see a list of my activity on those sites.
  3. Start using Playr

    I'm not going to lie this is basically a rip off of play but written in .net and using the Microsoft stack. It was a side project to learn new stuff and play around with technologies that I don’t get to use daily. Playr, your company’s new DJ. http://github.com/osbornm/playr
  4. Follow me on twitter

    Enjoy reading random 140 character shot thoughts? Well then head over to my twitter page and start following me. I try to keep my tweets focused on technology, gadgets, occasionally Seattle events, and every once in a while a rant about something I dislike. @osbornm
  5. Look at my pictures on 500px

    A hobby I have picked up over the years has been photography. Now don’t confuse my confession of interest as a statement that I am any good. I am, in every sense of the word, an amateur. However, I do enjoy it and like to share my work. http://500px.com/osbornm
My Blog

My Blog

My blog is something that I take pride in and spend a lot of time working on the content. It is a great place to find walk-throughs, tips and tricks, and insights on ASP.NET Web Pages, NuGet, and ASP.NET MVC. You can find it at http://blog.osbornm.com

My Talks

My Talks

I enjoy being engaged in the community and part of that engagement is giving talks at conferences and user groups. A side effect of this is that I have a collection of samples, slides, and videos. Take a look at my presentations page for more information.

My Code

My Code

I take pride in the work I do and just like any other developer out there I like showing that work off. That said you can view my projects and activity on Github.com, CodePlex.com, as well as BitBucket.org.